Don’t be shysy. Say hellosy to our brand newsy Cheesy Bagelsy

Cheesy on the insidesy and outsy, we bring you a bagelsy so cheesy it’s got its own languagesy. #SpeakCheesy

Boiled then bakedsy and topped with real cheesy for a taste of New Yorksy .

Eat them at homesy and on the gosy, at your desksy or on a benchsy, coldsy or hotsy. Try them in your lunchboxsy, dig in at breakfastsy or even as a snacksy.

Top with hamsy, picklesy and mustardsy or just buttersy. Also yumsy with scrambled eggsy and baconsy. Equally good with chickensy and smashed avocadosy. Dunk in soupsy. Smear with Marmitesy. Toastsy, slicesy, spreadsy, fillsy, dipsy… Whatever way you choose to enjoysy, prepare for a food comasy.

Watch the video belowsy or clicksy on the recipe page for moresy.