Chicken Caesar Goes Light!

Chicken Caesar Goes Light!

This lunch bagel layers roasted chicken breast with lettuce and Parmesan with a good dollop of Caesar dressing.



Prep Time
10 minutes
Nutrition per serving
Calories 284
Fat 8.1g
Carbohydrate 26.7g
Protein 26.9g
Fibre 1.8g
Salt 1g


  • 1 New York Bakery Co. Original Bagel Thin
  • Handful torn Cos lettuce leaves
  • 75g sliced roasted chicken breast
  • 5g Parmesan cheese shavings
  • 1 tbsp light Caesar dressing
  • Black pepper to serve

Bagel Build

  1. Tear up some lettuce, add to the bagel alongside some succulent chicken breast and shave over the parmesan.

  2. Now time for the Caesar dressing; the amount is up to you!

  3. Good to tuck into straight away or pack into your lunch tin for the perfect work treat.

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