Our Story

A Passion for food

The New York Bakery Company was started by a baker, who arrived in England from North America. Following his passion for food and wanting to share the great taste of a true New York bagel, he started the New York Bakery Company in the 1990's in Rotherham, England.

What makes our bagels authentic?


  1. Ingredients

    Like quality bagels from New York, ours are made with ingredients that are of superior quality, with tastes and flavours inspired by what we’ve found in the bakeries, delis and diners of New York City. We do not use artificial ingredients or flavours.

  2. Boiled, then baked

    Just like the way real New York bagels are made, our dough is first formed into the round shape then dropped into boiling water. The bagels stay in the boiling water for a few minutes before being transferred to an oven for baking.

    This is how our bagels get their distinctive chewy outer layer and soft middle.

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